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Naoussa… where all delights are at your feet

The picturesque village of Naousa is situated amphitheatrically in the north bay of Paros| and it is an ideal place for your summer holidays. Once there you can relax and charge your batteries with the minimum of effort from your part.

Naousa is a typical old Cycladic fishing village that has recently turned into a vibrant summer destination for all ages. With beautiful sea views and charming little streets of white washed buildings “decorated” with colorful flowers, Naousa can offer a variety of activities and entertainment opportunities all day long.

Naousa is ideal for anyone who wants to savor the Mediterranean style of life. You can reach everything on foot in the village or you can jump on a boat for access to nearby beaches and water activities.

Art & Heritage:
In Naousa you can visit the small Museums or Art Spaces:
For a feel of the history and everyday life on Paros you can visit the Byzantine or the Folklore Museum, both situated inside churches. You can drop in the historical and cultural Othonas Kaparis Museum located next to the open-air playground area. You can also get a taste of the contemporary Greek art scene at the temporary exhibition spaces of Pontoporos Gallery, Ag. Athanasios Municipal Art Space and Fotis Bar.

Local Products:
During your stay on Paros you will taste some of the delicious local products, maybe even its famous wine. Why don’t you visit the Moraitis Winery, situated at the Ag. Anargyros quarter of Naousa, for a tour in the making of the traditional Paros wine and of course a taste of it.

Just a short boat ride away (about 12mins) from the port of Naousa, you can reach the opposite side of the bay, where you can enjoy land or sea activities: – Water sports: At beautiful Kolimbithres beach you can have daylong fun at the Water Ski Zone center If you prefer to spend your day at the unique Paros Park, you can play in the sea with the water sports facilities located at the main beach. – Kids also love the water slides! Between Kolymbithres beach and the Paros Park there is the Aqua Paros, a water park, accessed via Porto Paros villas hotel, for all day entertainment. – If you prefer to stay on land, you can walk on the well-signaled trail paths of Paros Park. This is a 7km network of trail paths accessible for all ages, with splendid views of the Aegean and access to empty beaches.

Market, Food & Nightlife:
Naousa is a small but very lively place. You will find plenty of choices for food of your taste or budget and cafes in its small cobbled streets or on the seafront. In between times you can stroll in its market streets full of small shops with excellent taste open everyday till late at night. And then you can relax or get very excited at the numerous open air bars and clubs.

Naousa is famous for its local summer festivals, where the local community gathers to celebrate its old traditions or explore the new creative trends and talents:

23rd June: Festival of Klidonas
In the evening when people at the port gather among food and music to burn their mayday wreathes and perform bonfire jumping. Dancing continues till late in the night.

1st Sunday of July: Fish Festival
The local dance group of Naousa and the local fishermen provide for a most enjoyable night at the port of Naousa. Free fish and suma (local drink) is provided and everybody is invited to dance along the rhythm of the traditional tunes.

23rd of August
Nine days after the Assumption of the Virgin (15th August), a unique festivity is set at the port area of Naousa. Groups of young people re-enact the pirate raids, dressed as pirates they come out of boats and create mayhem in the village of Naousa. Fireworks are thrown and dancing goes on till late!

June – October
The annual Festival at the Park takes place at the Paros Park between June and October with events happening every week. The festival presents local, national and international artists who perform at its sublime open-air theater. It also organizes big sports events that are open for everyone to participate in. For more information on its program visit: